Greetings reader; maybe you are close to making the decision to choose LED lighting as the lighting of your choice, but aren’t convinced of the advantages such a purchase would provide to you. We at LumiSphere would like to bring to your attention three advantages you might find en’light’ening-

  • The operational life of LED lights is 40,000-80,000 hours. If you need lighting for an area that’s hard to reach and you hate replacing the bulb every 5000 hours (life of a typical incandescent bulb), LED lights are the best lights to use.
  • LED lights cut maintenance costs. With labor and time to install cut in half, LED lights save businesses tons of money every year.
  • Reduced Power: LumiSphere LED lights run at 80% efficiency, which means 80% is used as the actual light energy, for brighter light with less wasted heat energy. You will notice significant cost savings for your lighting within only months.

LumiSphere hopes this has informed you on why LED lights are the standard for cutting costs and keeping your lights bright!