New Products

The Lumisphere™ system is pressure watertight conforming to IP68 and may be used in adverse conditions and in areas of high humidity including complete saturation in saline water, subject to the installation being installed in accordance with the appropriate code and regulations. The components are manufactured from high quality, non-corrosive and impact resistant materials suitable for long term atmospheric exposure. Festoons are UL2108 compliant. Other than lamp replacement at long intervals virtually no maintenance is required.  See our online catalog for additional product details.


2011 – 2012 New Lines to Enhance your Projects

New colour changing LEDs
colour changing

With new colour changing technology, we are pleased to introduce LEDS which can be retro fitted into your existing system.

If your current system is looking for a  change for the forthcoming festivities, these are the perfect solution.

Looking for intense LED colour in our large harness option?  The Orbical 8 LED in striking Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cool White and Warm White  orbical 8will create stunning effects limited only by your imagination.

Full details will be available on our website soon, in the meantime contact us direct to ensure you don’t miss out!

Click here to see some of our colour changing and flashing products

Holding a Diamond Jubilee or Olympic Event?

RED, WHITE and BLUE lighting schemes

prismaticSpecial lighting schemes to brighten up your event, from minature LEDS to permanent fixtures.