WP Transformers




The Lumisphere™ range of patented weather-proof low voltage lighting transformers have been designed especially for use with the Lumisphere™ festoon system. The high quality of construction and combination of many unique features make it an ideal choice for most low voltage single or multi-light applications, especially for use in adverse environmental conditions. Lumisphere™ transformers have been independently tested by NAMAS accredited laboratories and comply with – BS3535 1.0 1992, – IEC
742 – EN60-742, 1989.


• Fully weatherproof compact design suitable for exposed exterior mounting complete with wall mounting bracket.

• Integral terminal box conforming to IP55 with special cable glands to accept cables 6mm – 12mm diameter.

• Double Protection with self-resetting thermal fuse incorporated in windings and replaceable anti-surge fuse housed in terminal block.

• Alternative mains connections are provided to regulate output voltage.

• Optional stainless steel post clamp bands available for column mounting.