Orbical LED


Orbical LED

The Lumisphere™ Orbical range of LEDs uses the X12 lampholder as a power supply base for the plug in LED light units.
3 types are available:


The 8 module LED light unit consuming 1.0watts, is designed as a simple retro fit LED light module for any existing Lumisphere™ X24 Xenon installation.


The 9 module LED light unit consuming 1.5watts, is designed as a general purpose high profile LED light source where a small degree of functioal lighting is required.


An 18 module LED light unit consuming 2.4watts, designed for where lighting designers wish to achieve a similar lighting effect to a filament lamp by the use of an LED, but at greatly reducued energy consumption and enhanced lamp life. Ideal for extremely high profile projects where a high visual impact is required along with a good degree of functional lighting.

Colour Temperature

Cool White – 5500-6800K

Warm White – 2800-3200K

Supply 12VDC SELV
Light source Orbical/8 1watts
Retrofit for Xenon system
Orbical/9 1.5watts
Orbical/18 2.4watts
Env.Prot. IP68
Conformity BS EN 60958 CE