Mini Lights


Lumisphere Mini Lights

Lumisphere Mini-Light is a high quality weather-proof system comprising a flat twin PVC insulated cable with pea-sized moulded light units are attached at predetermined centres giving flexible linear lighting for a variety of decorative purposes. The lights operate at extra low voltage for safety and efficiency.
The extensive range of Lumisphere weather-proof transformers which provide the power source, enables the power to be correctly matched to the number of lights ensuring exceptionally long lamp life.
There are many applications where it is desirable that high numbers of miniature low output lights are required, as in the illumination of boughs and branches of deciduous trees in winter when no heavy foliage is present, highlighting the individual shape and formation of the tree.
Other applications include structures and features which have complex designs and shapes such as motifs, signs, architectural focal points etc. where profiles are easily followed by the flexibility of the closely spaced lights.