Belisha Beacons ECU

The Lumisphere™ electronic conversion unit for belisha beacons (ECUB) represents a major technological advance to improved road safety. The combined transformer and flasher electronics are built into a compact unit with a base fixing to mount directly on the the beacon gallery in place of the standard BC lampholder.
A porcelain lampholder to take 50W tungsten halogen traffic signal lamp is incorporated at the top of the unit bringing the lamp centrally within the beacon. An integrated reflector is incorporated to further enhanced visibility towards traffic flow.

Supply 230-250V 50Hz
Output 11.8V 32KHz, 60VA max
Lamp Type M32L, 12V 50W
Enclosure Impact resistant uPVC
Bracket 2mm pressed, galvanised steel
Circuit Switched mode power supply derivative

with inbuilt oscillation frequency of

32KHz, high voltage selected output