Albert Bridge

This award winning scheme won major design awards in the US and UK in 1992 – 93. So good was the scheme that 2011 sees the refurbishment of the Albert Bridge complete with Lumisphere™ Festoons to the same specification.

The original lighting scheme utitilsed 3600 TH12 12v 5w lamps , this was later upgraded to the X24 festoon system which has proven to be the ideal solution for this iconic bridge. The 2011 Lumisphere™ festoon is accompanying major refurbishment of the bridge construction, with the facility to upgrade with LED light sources.


Albert Bridge
Bridge Solutions

However complex the project, Lumisphere Products Ltd has the solution.

Albert Bridge, London
Chelsea Bridge, London
Hammersmith Bridge, London
Montreal Bridge, Canada
Churchill Bridge

These iconic bridges all have lighting provided by Lumisphere™. With innovative designs, products which stand the test of time, and the ability to convert as technology develops.

The Lumisphere™ systems are pressure watertight conforming to IP68 and may be used in adverse conditions and in areas of high humidity, including complete saturation in saline water.