Harrods, London

Harrods Department Store installed with the Lumisphere™ X24 festoon lighting system to highlight the exceptional fine architectural features which being clad with naturally coloured terracotta, is seen to softly glow in the backlight from the spheres.

The Lumisphere™ festoon cable has been especially produced to colour match the terracotta, making it unnoticeable against the background both in daylight and at night.

The Lumisphere™ festoons and WP Transformers lend themselves to produce exceptional displays for special events to this tourist hotspot of ‘must see by night, icons’.

Harrods image
Trafford Centre

The Lumisphere™ X24 Xenon system, fitted with our special polycarbonate backplates for discrete fixing of the festoon directly to building structures has been chosen by architects who require a high performance low maintenance, UL listed festoon lighting system to provide that wow factor for promoting the public image of Shopping Malls throughout the world.

Here in the UK, Trafford Park and Meadowhall shopping Malls are excellent examples of the effect that can be created by using Lumisphere™ low voltage systems.

Trafford Centre
Wembly Stadium

Inspired by the renown London Eye concourse trees, the engineers approached Lumisphere™ during development of the New Wembly Stadium to provided a similar landscape.

Approximate 150 Multi LED small harness leds were installed into the trees with nylon webbing and IP68 Driver units.

Wembly Stadium